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Using a Vehicle Tracking System to save you money

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

One of the single biggest advantages of having a Vehicle tracking system for your transport and fleet vehicles is the fact that you can use it for the fuel savings opportunities that it provides.

Once you start to monitoring your vehicles you will be able to reduce vehicle speeds, modify routes taken and control idle times. These are just a few of the things that you can can do once you have a vehicle tracking system to help lower the cost of your fuel expenses.

Everyone knows that the fuel consumption of a vehicle increases dramatically as it goes over fifty miles per hour. It also causes early wear and tear of the tyres due to increased tyre heat. The wear and tear of tyres almost doubles at speeds over seventy miles per hour. Using your vehicle tracking system to report on activities such as driver speeding and unauthorised use of company vehicles just adds to the savings you can make.Our latest New GPS technology can be used to reduces these costs for any businesses:

  • Lower fuel consumption and maintenance expenses
  • Reduction in overtime of employees – At least one hour of overtime on average can be reduced per week through the use of vehicle tracking systems.
  • Increased productivity of employees – With a a vehicle tracking system, you can do much more with an increase in the number of journeys, additional stops and jobs or deliveries every week.

Installing a vehicle tracking system costs around £6 per week and does not take much time to install.

How much easier would it be if you had Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Vehicle Tracking Systems

If you employ drivers in your business and would like to enhance the efficiency of your business then you should really consider installing  vehicle tracking systems.

What are vehicle tracking systems

These small black boxes are designed to track the location of your vehicles at all times. The main reasons why many business owners are installing vehicle tracking systems is to help keep on top of the business. V-SOL systems use GPS technology and sophisticated software to collect and analyse all your vehicles movements both in real time and historically.

What will  vehicle tracking systems acheive

This allows you to find out the exact position of their vehicles anywhere, anytime. The mapping software in the vehicle tracking systems allows everyone with access to help keep things running smoothly. This along with the reports on your computer allows you to monitor speeds, mileages and fuel consumption along with productive working time!  All this can be done after hours if necessary so you can make any changes to the business.  Not having vehicle tracking systems can really put you a disadvantage over any of your competitors that do as you can be sure they will tell all of their customers they have it.

vehicle tracking systems case studies

If you would like V-SOL to help you please either call us on 0800 093 9034 or email at for more information on our vehicle tracking systems.

The Spending Review – Every Cloud has a Silver lining

Friday, October 15th, 2010

It is 100% certain that many businesses will suffer in the coming months and most probably next couple of years with a loss of income as the impact of the imminent government spending revue and resulting cuts ripple through the UK economy.

If you have not yet fitted vehicle tracking because of employee resistance the spending review give you an opportunity to make the change.

All employees know of the impending cuts and armed with this you can reasonably justify fitted tracking as means of identifying essential savings as failure to do so could well result in having to lay people off for a period or even worse make them redundant. A really good way to focus the minds of employees

For help in making the change contact V-SOL @ and quote spending review in the subject line and we will help you.

Why Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems can make such a difference

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Why a Real Time Vehicle Tracking System can make such a difference

Are you looking to streamline your business? Perhaps you want to save expenditure? If you have a fleet of vehicles then a vehicle tracking system might be right for you.

We will look at how commercial vehicle tracking can help you find the savings you need.

Vehicle tracking system savings

The first area of savings is in operational costs. Drivers will have to work more efficiently because you will see any wasted time. aggressive driving or those who speed. It is possible to save up to 35 percent on fuel when you track a vehicle’s speed, idle, and routes. Other savings can be made in operational areas such as wage claims, penalty payments, and communication costs. With tracking you know where your drivers are at all times because you have real time vehicle visibility.

A real time vehicle tracking system allows you to know exactly where each vehicle is and get data regarding their speed, route, and time to their destination. You also take reports to see if they are off target or stopping at an unscheduled location. Since you do not have to use mobile phones as much to ask where your drivers are and can use communication as part of the tracking device you save revenue there as well.

vehicle tracking system case studies

A Vehicle Tracking System is about more than saving money It is also about protecting your employees. There are times when vehicles are targets of hijackings or inappropriate behaviour can lead to safety issues. In fact in 2007 the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act was changed stating any company employee could be found guilty of manslaughter and face prison time. With tracking you are able to enforce responsibility behind the wheel and send help when it is required. Even if your driver has a flat tyre or a heart attack you can get them help faster with tracking systems.

About the V-SOL vehicle tracking system

V-SOL have been providing live real time GPS vehicle tracking system longer than any other company in the UK and have helped hundreds of companies over the years achieve the above.

Playing PACMAN was it just a harmless bit of fun!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Last week Google replaced their logo on their search sites to a playable PACMAN game to celebrated the 30th anniversary of the games launch and it is estimated that it cost businesses around 5 million hours in lost productivity. See

On the face of it the employees most probably thought it was just a harmless bit of fun. In today’s climate businesses are providing staff with more and more tools to help them do their jobs. The problem is that these tools are becoming more and more distracting and there is no doubt that productivity is dropping because of these distractions. At least if you are in an office it is possible to wander round and monitor activity, but with a mobile workforce out of sight it is pretty much impossible. With the pressure of work staff often lose themselves for hours at a time often without thinking they are costing the company money.  This is where using vehicle tracking pro-actively can make a real difference. With sales and service staff up to 30% of a working day can be spent idle.

V-SOL specialise in helping businesses turn this lost time back into productive time and that what’s makes us different. V-SOL are probably the only company still able to offer this help to customers.. Having a tracking system does not make the difference to your business, however using the information and knowledge it can provide to help employees use their time better can and generally will produce significant results.

V-SOL GPS vehicle tracking technology is constantly evolving. By keeping our products up to date with these advancements and maintaining the highest levels of service, we help ensure that clients recognise the true value of what a quality vehicle tracking system can deliver.

If you would like to know more about how we are different have a look at our case histories or give us call to discuss how V-SOL will work with you to help you get the e best value from your investment in all of the tools you provide.

Vehicle Tracking Technology comes of age.

Friday, April 9th, 2010

It is amazing just how quickly we become accustomed to new technology. Mobile Phones, Email, Text messaging and now even Vehicle Tracking Systems are all now so embedded into our lives both from a business and a personal point of view it seems that most drivers could not contemplate being without them all.

With tracking it seems that for those that have it manual record keeping is no longer required. It does not matter what the vehicle is used for the information recorded can pretty much answer most questions. The thought of using diaries for noting addresses, time spent on appointments, mileages for each and every journey seems archaic. If you were to ask drivers who have had a tracking system for more than a year if they like to go back to the old way you generally get a resounding NO! The fear of big brother has all but disappeared. If you still don’t have vehicle tracking and need more convincing have a look around the V-SOL Website for more examples of how much help vehicle tracking systems provide or call us on 0800 093 9034 to discuss your requirements.

V-SOL vehicle tracking can help with compliance and help win new contracts

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

More emphasis on KPI’s and proof of attendance and timings are being asked for by many customers. The V-SOL vehicle tracking system is able to provide this via a new add-on that allows contracts to be reported upon. All that you need is to highlight the locations relating to a contract then set the rules and let V-SOL do the rest. The same reporting function can also be used to cost contracts by comparing one contract alongside another. This can highlight not only customers who are not as profitable as they should be but also those that are most profitable. Once set-up V-SOL collects all the necessary information.

If you would like to discuss any ideas of how to get the best from your V-SOL vehicle tracking system, or would like to share your own tip, or have a question that needs answering please contact us. The V-SOL reporting suite is very powerful and there are many ways of using the information to look at the business that are often overlooked.

Dont let your tracking systems lose it way!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Vehicle tracking systems work best when they fit the business. Many organisations fail to get the best or even anything worthwhile at all from the systems they buy because they have not looked closely enough at whatever is being offered by the provider they choose.  The news article linked below from India highlights just how easy it is to run into problems when implementing a vehicle tracking solution.

V-SOL are specialists in GPS tracking having been manufacturing and supplying live tracking systems longer than anybody else in the UK. From the very beginning our aim was to supply a “solution” rather than just a “system”  in fact our original name was Vehicle Solutions. We only changed this as some people thought we were a car leasing company!

In fact our first solution came about as we needed a systems for our own business. The leading suppliers of the day namely Minor Planet and Datatrak both told us we did not really need what we were seeking.

Ever since then we have specialised in providing our customers with tailored systems. Whilst the investment is a little larger on the face of it what matters most of all is what you get from the solution and this is where having a system designed around you pretty much guarantees you success. We are able to promise this and build it into any agreement we make to supply systems. That way we are truly partners and motivated to see that the customer gets a solution that delivers rather than a generic solution that may or may not work for them.

Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Article

It’s snow joke for drivers this Christmas

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

With parts of the UK already having seen snow this festive season, weather forecasters are slashing odds on the chances of a white Christmas, with further snow fall expected over the Christmas holidays.

While snow is always popular with the kids for sledging and building snowmen, out on the roads it can be a different matter. Non-essential journeys can always be cancelled in bad weather, but for drivers who have to work no matter what the conditions snow fall can be a serious problem.

However, with a vehicle tracking system, both drivers and fleet managers can enjoy added peace of mind. Fleet managers know the exact location of vehicles, so should any drivers get into trouble then they will know the precise location, so that help can reach them as quickly as possible.

To find out more about the advantages of vehicle tracking please get in touch.

A no go for pay as you go

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Some vehicle tracking companies have speculated that pay as you go will take over from contract in the next couple of years, but V-SOL feels that this trend treats tracking systems as a commodity – just like a mobile phone – and is not a good idea for long term business. It is therefore not a trend we intend to follow and would issue a word of caution to any company considering pay as you go.

Pay as you go may seem like a convenient method, but in the end it will lead to the same quality of customer service that you get on a pay as you go mobile phone. It is unlikely that your provider will be on hand to assist with any problems that you may have.

While part of the reason for pay as you go tracking coming about is related to some early tracking companies being in financial trouble this is not the case with many companies today. It is always important to clarify how you will be looked after with any supplier before signing, but if you’re looking to receive the full benefits from a vehicle tracking system, then a contract with a stable organisation that has a proven record of helping customers with issues will always offers far more benefits and security than pay as you go.