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All about not being Idle!

This email came from one of our longstanding customers who decided to spend a little more time checking on Performance….


Afternoon David

Just to let you know that I have been making good use of your engine idling report.

Today I have called in almost every driver as the level of idling last week was at a totally unacceptable level. We have given them a memo highlighting not just the monetary value to the company but possible engine damage caused by this and also the significant pollution problem this can cause.

Some vehicles sat idling for over ¾  hour at a time almost every morning /evening whilst being loaded or offloaded at our depot + additional idling at customer premises, others even more than that

If every vehicle had just an average of ½  hour of unnecessary idling every day  it would be using ½  gallon of fuel which with 22 vehicles would be £55 per day at today’s fuel prices, £275 per week !!. A scary amount of wasted money over a year.

I will be monitoring this over the next few weeks and see if there is any significant decrease but just thought I’d let you know that I have indeed had my eyes opened with this report and think it is a valuable addition to the V-sol programme.



One Response to “All about not being Idle!”

  1. Molik Jain says:

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