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How to use Vehicle Tracking to help increase drivers wages and profits

If you pay your drivers by the hour you may like to consider an idea that helped one of our customers increase profits and drivers wages at a stroke.

The V-SOL system produces a vehicle report that can show you both total working time and driving time. By paying drivers more for actual driving time you can get more work done and in turn this leads to higher income for the business. A typical increase is 10% increased driving hours per week with a reduction in non driving time of the same amount. Furthermore the report can be used as the basis for wages calculation.

If you would like to discuss any ideas of how to get the best from your V-SOL vehicle tracking system, or would like to share your own tip, or have a question that needs answering please contact us. The V-SOL reporting suite is very powerful and there are many ways of using the information to look at the business that are often overlooked.


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