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Ideal time to save money with a vehicle tracking system

Increasing Fuel Costs in the UK make it the ideal time to save money with a vehicle tracking system.

With the recent fuel duty and oil price increases and with even more to come now is great time for your company to add a tracking system if you run a fleet of vehicles.

A vehicle tracking system can help you to save the fuel used by your company vehicles dramatically so investing in this now is a great idea.
Not only will your company save money now but the impact of the changes in fuel duty to come will be reduced.

Three ways for fuel saving with the help of V-SOL vehicle tracking systems are :

a. Monitor vehicle usage and reduce the amount of time company vehicles are used for personal reasons
b. Plan improved driver routes, providing the most cost effective method of reaching your customers without making countless round trips
c. Track driver behaviour and make sure drivers are trained to not drive in a cost wasting way – such as excessive speed or leaving the vehicle idling

Ways A Vehicle Tracking System Saves Money

Saving money is actually better than making money, and a V-SOL Vehicle Tracking System saves our customers thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Our Vehicle Tracking Systems feature many ways that make tracking vehicles and streamlining operations simple.

Use less fuel and stop speeding drivers

It is a fact that reducing speed by 10MPH increases fuel efficiency by 20%. Many customers report £150 savings per 10 vehicles in one month by keeping their drivers at a maximum of 65MPH. The owner of one company reported saving £4000 over two months just in fuel costs. Do the numbers for your business and add up your possible savings. The pounds add up fast—here’s a simple example with a very conservative estimate: 50 vehicles reduce speed and save £10 each per week in fuel costs. That’s £26,000 in a year. Slowing down a speeding driver can also limit tickets, accidents and litigation against your company.

Limit unnecessary trips and unauthorised use

Customers tell us their employees off-route driving completely ends once they know a vehicle tracking system is installed in their vehicle. No more extended lunches, driving off-route to go home to eat, run errands, etc. How valuable is that?

One customer reported that one driver was travelling home 60 miles per day when they should have been working. That’s a potential savings of £15-£20 in fuel per day. And that’s just for one driver. Imagine what you can save if everyone stays productive.

Ensure proper work hours, lunch breaks and overtime records

This is self explanatory, and another area where you can save thousands of pounds per year. Employees won’t likely record bogus work, lunch or overtime hours if they know their work vehicle is being tracked. If you can gain just 30 minutes of productivity each day could save as much as £1500 per employee each year. How many drivers do you have?

The more your workers actually work and record correct information, the more your business is operating cost-efficiently. The immediate impact V-SOL vehicle tracking system units provide in this category is mentioned quite often by our satisfied customers.


Monitor company fuel purchases

Let’s face the facts–fuel will only ever get more expensive, and some employees try to cut corners and cut money out of your bottom line. Can you afford even one employee stealing £20 in fuel every week (£1040/year) from your fuel account? That’s £1040 you could keep in the business! This is another area where questionable purchases can be tracked and verified with our easy-to-use Vehicle tracking software.

Theft prevention

Track all your vehicles and know whenever your vehicle is started or moved outside of your rules. This feature gives you peace of mind 24/7/365.

To summarize, the above, many companies find a return of their investment of over 5 times the cost of implementing a V-SOL vehicle tracking system.


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