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Tracking the World Cups lost hours

There is no doubt that a great deal of additional business will be done during the world cup leading to extra profits for some companies, look at Sainsbury’s vuvuzela horn sales for an example.

On the other hand it is guaranteed that the productivity of mobile workers will drop considerably.  The best way to deal with this is to mange the costs.  It may even allow some businesses to see this as a way of saving money.

If you have a tracking system in your vehicles like Roalco Limited (over 100 units installed) creating custom reports around the times of each game should allow you to track the lost productivity and reduce the costs of the wages by stopping pay for those at PUBS which show football or homes of workers.

With 2 games per day the savings could be as high as 20 hours a week per person during the early stages.  After all if you cant stop them you may as well save the cost of paying wages.  In fact I would guess most employees will not even complain to much as long as they are not disciplined further than wages. If business is slow at the moment it could even work to your advantage in that in place of stopping wages you could offset the lost hours by accepting  the lost time as overtime  at standard hourly rates when you need!

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