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Often when I first talk to businesses about implementing tracking, they can see the benefits of the system, but believe that they don’t need to install the technology because they are in regular communication with drivers via mobile phones.

Now, mobile phones are fantastic and have become such a huge part of our lives that it is hard to imagine how we coped before them, but when it comes to keeping track of your mobile workforce, there’s no replacement for tracking.

Firstly, while mobile phone coverage is much improved on what it was, it still has a way to go – compare this to GPS, which receives strong signal in both city and remote locations. Secondly, many vehicle tracking systems have voice communication built in, so you needn’t worry about drivers running up huge phone bills – you are in control of the calls.

Finally, while many companies will rely solely on mobile phones for communication, remember that just because someone tells you they are in a certain location, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.  Vehicle tracking can tell you exactly where they are, when they arrived, and a lot more besides, helping manage your business more effectively.

Vehicle tracking offers you accurate, real-time reporting, with the ability, if required, to contact drivers at any time, knowing exactly where they are. So, if you’re fed up of patchy portable mobile phone coverage, vehicle tracking communications could be your best solution.


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