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Dont let your tracking systems lose it way!

Vehicle tracking systems work best when they fit the business. Many organisations fail to get the best or even anything worthwhile at all from the systems they buy because they have not looked closely enough at whatever is being offered by the provider they choose.  The news article linked below from India highlights just how easy it is to run into problems when implementing a vehicle tracking solution.

V-SOL are specialists in GPS tracking having been manufacturing and supplying live tracking systems longer than anybody else in the UK. From the very beginning our aim was to supply a “solution” rather than just a “system”  in fact our original name was Vehicle Solutions. We only changed this as some people thought we were a car leasing company!

In fact our first solution came about as we needed a systems for our own business. The leading suppliers of the day namely Minor Planet and Datatrak both told us we did not really need what we were seeking.

Ever since then we have specialised in providing our customers with tailored systems. Whilst the investment is a little larger on the face of it what matters most of all is what you get from the solution and this is where having a system designed around you pretty much guarantees you success. We are able to promise this and build it into any agreement we make to supply systems. That way we are truly partners and motivated to see that the customer gets a solution that delivers rather than a generic solution that may or may not work for them.

Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Article

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