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Playing PACMAN was it just a harmless bit of fun!

Last week Google replaced their logo on their search sites to a playable PACMAN game to celebrated the 30th anniversary of the games launch and it is estimated that it cost businesses around 5 million hours in lost productivity. See

On the face of it the employees most probably thought it was just a harmless bit of fun. In today’s climate businesses are providing staff with more and more tools to help them do their jobs. The problem is that these tools are becoming more and more distracting and there is no doubt that productivity is dropping because of these distractions. At least if you are in an office it is possible to wander round and monitor activity, but with a mobile workforce out of sight it is pretty much impossible. With the pressure of work staff often lose themselves for hours at a time often without thinking they are costing the company money. ┬áThis is where using vehicle tracking pro-actively can make a real difference. With sales and service staff up to 30% of a working day can be spent idle.

V-SOL specialise in helping businesses turn this lost time back into productive time and that what’s makes us different. V-SOL are probably the only company still able to offer this help to customers.. Having a tracking system does not make the difference to your business, however using the information and knowledge it can provide to help employees use their time better can and generally will produce significant results.

V-SOL GPS vehicle tracking technology is constantly evolving. By keeping our products up to date with these advancements and maintaining the highest levels of service, we help ensure that clients recognise the true value of what a quality vehicle tracking system can deliver.

If you would like to know more about how we are different have a look at our case histories or give us call to discuss how V-SOL will work with you to help you get the e best value from your investment in all of the tools you provide.


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