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V-SOL vehicle tracking can help with compliance and help win new contracts

More emphasis on KPI’s and proof of attendance and timings are being asked for by many customers. The V-SOL vehicle tracking system is able to provide this via a new add-on that allows contracts to be reported upon. All that you need is to highlight the locations relating to a contract then set the rules and let V-SOL do the rest. The same reporting function can also be used to cost contracts by comparing one contract alongside another. This can highlight not only customers who are not as profitable as they should be but also those that are most profitable. Once set-up V-SOL collects all the necessary information.

If you would like to discuss any ideas of how to get the best from your V-SOL vehicle tracking system, or would like to share your own tip, or have a question that needs answering please contact us. The V-SOL reporting suite is very powerful and there are many ways of using the information to look at the business that are often overlooked.


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