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Why Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems can make such a difference

Why a Real Time Vehicle Tracking System can make such a difference

Are you looking to streamline your business? Perhaps you want to save expenditure? If you have a fleet of vehicles then a vehicle tracking system might be right for you.

We will look at how commercial vehicle tracking can help you find the savings you need.

Vehicle tracking system savings

The first area of savings is in operational costs. Drivers will have to work more efficiently because you will see any wasted time. aggressive driving or those who speed. It is possible to save up to 35 percent on fuel when you track a vehicle’s speed, idle, and routes. Other savings can be made in operational areas such as wage claims, penalty payments, and communication costs. With tracking you know where your drivers are at all times because you have real time vehicle visibility.

A real time vehicle tracking system allows you to know exactly where each vehicle is and get data regarding their speed, route, and time to their destination. You also take reports to see if they are off target or stopping at an unscheduled location. Since you do not have to use mobile phones as much to ask where your drivers are and can use communication as part of the tracking device you save revenue there as well.

vehicle tracking system case studies

A Vehicle Tracking System is about more than saving money It is also about protecting your employees. There are times when vehicles are targets of hijackings or inappropriate behaviour can lead to safety issues. In fact in 2007 the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act was changed stating any company employee could be found guilty of manslaughter and face prison time. With tracking you are able to enforce responsibility behind the wheel and send help when it is required. Even if your driver has a flat tyre or a heart attack you can get them help faster with tracking systems.

About the V-SOL vehicle tracking system

V-SOL have been providing live real time GPS vehicle tracking system longer than any other company in the UK and have helped hundreds of companies over the years achieve the above.

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