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Smart Cars Get Vehicle Tracking Solution

City pharmacies pooling their resources

Murrays Health Care based in the West Midlands have introduced a new service to the area that is helping people save time and money and once again V-SOL are proud to have been chosen to provide the Vehicle Tracking Technology to assist in the process.

People who need prescriptions quickly will be saved time and money thanks to three pharmacies in Worcester combining together. Barbourne Pharmacy, Barbourne Road, Archibald Cowe Chemists in Sidbury, and St John's Pharmacy, St John's, now operate under the umbrella of Murrays Healthcare. This means Murrays will be able to give Worcester complete coverage for the collection and delivery of NHS and private prescriptions.

Murrays has at its disposal, three new Smart Car delivery vehicles and three trained delivery specialists.

The new Smart Cars

This service is easy to access, and all patients have to do is telephone their local surgery for a repeat or urgent prescription, and request that the prescription is collected by Murrays.

One of the three pharmacies will then pick up the prescription, take it back to the pharmacy for dispensing, and then deliver the medicines to the patient's hone or workplace free of charge.

"The service is for everyone, whether they are housebound, a busy mum, a shift worker, a carer or a busy career person - and it will also allow doctors and nurses to request an urgent medical supply to be delivered directly to the patient quickly in the event of an emergency," said a spokeswoman for Murrays.

This service is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

People interested in the service should ring either Barbourne Pharmacy on 01905 27446, Archibald Cowe Chemists on 01905 355814, or St John's Pharmacy on 01905 422139.

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