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V-Sol Vehicle Tracking used on London Buses

January 2005

V-SOL have been selected to provide Vehicle Tracking System Technology to Transport For London,  London Buses - TSG

Transport for London - London Buses

The Mayor of London, Mr Ken Livingstone, is passionate about Transport for London. During his time in office, services have improved considerably and TFL have a huge investment over the coming years to improve things even further.

Equipment is being installed during January 2005 and will be fully operational by the end of February 2005.

The initial installation will be provided for 35 mobile technicians.  V-SOL are providing TFL with a dedicated on-site server, wireless base station technology along with software for 5 workstations.  

V-SOL systems provide real time positioning of the engineers along with immediate access to the current day's activities. Further traceability for all works carried out are stored on the server. V-SOL are also providing real time support for the server and the clients via a dedicated broadband connection. 

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About London Buses

  • The London bus network is one of the largest and most comprehensive urban systems in the world. Each weekday 8,000 London buses carry 6 million passengers on over 700 different routes
  • Bus use is up by 11 per cent over the past year (03/04) - an extra 168 million passenger trips
  • The number of passengers using buses is at its highest level since 1968
  • Night bus use is up by 29 per cent over the past year
  • London Buses is running the highest volume of service on London's roads than at any time since 1957.

Transport for London - London Buses

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