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GPS Vehicle Tracking for Commercial and Fleet Management

What is V-SOL? - "straight to the point"

Productivity is becoming more and more crucial to competitiveness in business.

V-SOL provides management with information that can be used to provide the business improvements that have up until now remained elusive.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking
"its live, and the difference it makes is exciting"

To accommodate every aspect of the operation there are many ways to track vehicles and the information is presented in line with the question that needs answering at that moment. In some instances a physical connection is required in absolute real time perhaps to direct a vehicle, provide security information or advise an interested party.

V-SOL is the only GPS vehicle tracking system that takes advantage of the fastest connections possible whilst providing truly unbeatable running costs.

The system can be set to locate individual or groups of vehicles at regular time intervals, from daily, hourly, minute-by-minute updates or on a ad-hoc basis. Even when you're not there!

As an example this allows you to keep constant track of your vehicles when needed. The availability of timely information is quoted as being the single most important factor needed by management when making business decisions or when wishing to improve customer service.

In short V-SOL will shape itself around the business.

"Size matters, but so does the detail"

Maps are fully scalable from the level of a continent, country, region, even a user-defined area or down to almost pinpoint accuracy (30ft) at street or even building level if necessary!

As well as locating vehicles either individually or collectively additional information can be provided alongside maps. Post Codes and Street Addresses can be provided for the whole of the UK and Europe. Maps can even be set to show your and customers locations, jobs, special landmarks and even buildings if required.

You will be able to check that a vehicle is exactly where it is supposed to be!

"What you see is where they've been"

Playback provides the opportunity to view/review where vehicles have been. It is possible to know not just where, who and when but also exactly how a particular vehicle performed. This can be done over any period. Our software has been imitated by others but not beaten for ease of use.

This allows for positive confirmation of timekeeping and service levels, which aid the drivers as much as managers and customers. Playback is the tool for the avoidance of doubt and will provide you with assistance over and over again even in legal situations.

V-SOL provides a flexible approach to information distribution and collection with historical data being recorded at any level to suit the operation.

Route Planning
"you don't have to work to make it work"

For some the most valuable part of the system is the route-planning tool. Coming as standard it is possible within just a few seconds to check on the exact distance and time it should take to complete a particular route. It can take advantage of all of the information recorded by the vehicles as they go about the business to provide over time an unlimited routes database. This tool has proven to be more effective for some than existing and very expensive dedicated systems.

Written Information - Reports
"don't destroy a forest to see the wood from the trees"

When making decisions, the quality of the information being utilised becomes of vital importance. It is a FACT that ALL GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems have flaws and the data that is collected is not always complete or 100% accurate. V-SOL is the ONLY system on the market to recognise this fact. In the last two years we have been working on this and are now able to do SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You can trust the information you are working with when it comes from V-SOL, Our Traffic Light Technology provides the real picture and is the only system to do so.

Every piece of information that has ever been captured by V-SOL can be taken advantage of in reports. When placed alongside the existing management knowledge the information will provide a new view of the business. Some companies have completely transformed parts of their operation including strategic areas such as payroll with V-SOL information.

We are the only company to design and provide reports to meet exact requirements.

"its not always good to talk"

Efficiency and savings are inevitable if you use a combination of text messaging and voice communications. Messages are cheaper, safer; more secure and cannot be ignored. V-Text with its Touch enabled learning based system removes the barrier to implementing at head office.

So who benefits from the use of V-SOL?

Operational Managers/Teams
"stress relief without alcohol or medication - really"

V-SOL allows Operations Managers and others a new view of the day-to-day operation. This can lead to better job allocation, improved response times, and with route and schedule planning, less lost time arising from both undesirable practices and logistical problems. Tracking allows for planning in real time with lower costs. Its effectiveness in their hands is unprecedented.

"it is not just a spy in the cab"

The GPS records provide proof of site visits; time spent both on site and on route with no effort, increased security for the vehicle, along with its contents and the driver results. Also it will provide improved peace of mind for all. The improvements in productivity can even allow for higher wages. We have employers that been able to provide 8-10% increase in wages whilst further improving profitability. Live tracking also provides absolute real time assistance giving the drivers total back up when on the road when and if required.

"in touch, informed and more importantly, in charge"

With the transparent nature of V-SOL, improved customer service becomes more likely than ever before. Customers will be able to see that you are on top of your costs, and will receive more timely information no matter what the situation. At the end of the day that's what business is about.

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