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How vehicle tracking systems work

Introduction to V-SOL Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Systems

V-SOL is a different type of vehicle tracking and location product. Underneath the bonnet of the system lies the most innovative communications and database solution ever devised for commercial use.

Telematics is still a relatively new industry but 13 years ago when we started there were no rules to follow, as nothing else existed. From our experience we know that in many instances, users' resistance to standard windows based PC solutions would preclude it's effective use.

Our approach to the design from the very start was therefore different. The goal was to design a system that would be able to be used by those who it was designed for with little or no training. There were to be no manuals or fancy help systems either conventional or otherwise. If the user could not get what they needed with just a couple of keys then it would not work for them. Unreasonable you may say but certainly true.

What does the tracking system comprise of?

The various parts that go to make up V-SOL are detailed below. In essence all Telematics Systems have similar building blocks. However it's choice of such and how they are assembled and implemented that makes V-SOL different from the rest.

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