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Environmental Strategy Policy

V-SOL Limited was formed in 1997. We offer a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of Vehicle Telematics and are the longest established company in the UK offering Live-Real Time Vehicle Tracking using GPS and GSM.

It is our policy to comply fully with our legal obligations in respect of all environmental matters and particular attention is given to waste off all kinds. We are aware that our activities can have both a positive and negative impact on the environment and shall endeavour to continually improve our environmental performance.

In particular we will endeavour to:-

1. Ensure our employees and subcontractors are aware of our environmental commitment and that they understand their environmental responsibilities.

2. Actively encourage employees and subcontractors to suggest environmental improvement activities.

3. Ensure that all waste that cannot be reused within what we do is transferred to a recycling plant via established means.

4. Ensure that where waste could cause contamination to surface or ground waters that is carefully stored so as to prevent such occurrence.

5. Seek to minimise nuisances such as dust, odour, noise, and vibration resulting from our activities by complying with any local and national regulatory requirements.

6. Evaluate the potential to reuse or recycle all of our waste materials on an ongoing basis.

7. Where possible work closely with our clients regarding materials used.

8. All motor vehicles are regularly services to ensure exhaust pollution is kept to a minimum and encourage driving and vehicle habits that will lessen the use of fuels and therefore the amount of emissions potentially output.

9. Furthermore we intend to include this policy within our ISO9001:2000 systems and therefore have it subject to audit and review annually.

D A Isom
Managing Director

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