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Equal Opportunities Statement

V-SOL Limited are an equal opportunities company. This means that:

1. In the provision of the company’s services and employment of staff to provide these services, the company will seek to ensure equality of opportunity for all persons.

2. No person or group of persons applying for the company’s services, of for employment, or for contracts with the company will be treated less favourably than any other person or group of persons solely because of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin or because of their religion, sex, physical disability, appearance sexual orientation or marital status.

3. No person will be discriminated against because of a medical condition, provided that the condition does not normally prevent them from carrying out the tasks required of their position.

4. As an employer, the company where and when possible will seek to employ staff from minority groups. Where necessary it will provide them with special training facilities to enable them compete or qualify for positions within the company.

5. To help fulfil its commitment to equal opportunity, the company will collect and monitor records of ethnic/racial origin of all those seeking employment from the company.

6. In hiring subcontractors and other agencies to work for it the company will be mindful of its commitment to equality.

7. In the composition and operation of its management the company will be mindful of its commitment to equality.

8. Harassment: The victims of racial or other harassment will be given every support. Where it can be established that the perpetrator of the harassment is an employee of the company, action will be taken which ultimately could lead to their dismissal. Where the person causing the harassment the employee of another company, the company will be advised of the position and requested to take appropriate action.

9. Harassment in the form of racial or sexual abuse made by any subcontractor, his employees, or his subcontractors employed on the Company’s business, may ultimately result in their removal from the Company's approved list.

D A Isom
Managing Director
June 2003

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