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Digital Wireless Communications

"the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals"

Without doubt communications is the most important element of any information system. V-SOL communications technology is such that it is constantly challenging conventional thinking on this subject.

In essence a suitable platform depends upon several criteria; availability, performance, reliability, longevity, capital and ongoing running costs.

Our long experience has shown that unless you are working in the military, scientific community or are able to live with high running costs and lots of down time you should ignore the hype that is forever being espoused by the media on coming "technologies".

V-SOL vehicle tracking systems take advantage of the best of breed hardware. We do not cut corners with lower cost hardware as it always compromises the integrity of the overall system. We are proud of our close contacts with infrastructure providers on a day to day basis.

When integrating communications hardware into solutions we adopt the approach of being 100% responsible for end to end visibility when it comes to data. Store and Forward technology as adopted by our competitors is at best a poor performer and has extremely high ongoing running costs.

V-SOL head office base station hardware and communications software is unique and the only system in Britain to take full advantage of network capabilities. Our Traffic Light Technology is unique in being able to detect network and system failures and automatically repair and recover from them.

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