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GPS Tracking Technology

"if it's used to shoot missiles it must be perfect"

At the heart of the system is GPS, an incredible technology that provides independent postioning and timing information. Information from this system is captured, analysed and distributed along with other complementary data. GPS is a key part of V-SOL Technology.

Further into the site is information on GPS and how its works for those who have a technical interest. However be aware of the following facts:

"GPS is susceptible to unintentional disruption from such causes as atmospheric effects, signal blockage from buildings, and interference from communications equipment, as well as to potential deliberate disruption"

U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta today announced 7th March 2002 that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will implement an action plan to maintain the adequacy of backup systems for each area of operation in which the Global Positioning System (GPS) is being used for critical transportation applications.

When making decisions the quality of the information being utilised becomes of vital importance. It is a fact that all Tracking Systems have flaws and the data that is collected is not always complete or 100% accurate. V-SOL is the ONLY system on the market to recognise this fact. Since 1999 we have been working on this and are now able to do SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

When it comes to making decisions you can trust the information you are working with if it comes from V-SOL. V-SOL Traffic Light Technology provides the real picture and it is the only system on the market to do so.

GPS - "tracking systems are definitely not all the same!"

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