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V-SOL Vehicle Tracking Applications

"award winning systems that just keep getting better"

Underneath the bonnet of the vehicle tracking system lies the most innovative communications and database solution ever devised for commercial use.

Since 1997 V-SOL have led the way in vehicle tracking applications. There are three distinct parts to the system.

Communications engine

V-Track was the first of it's kind when introduced. It has been in continuous use since 1997. At it's heart is a live communications engine. Conventional thinking at the time of it's creation was that in the first instance absolute live on the move tracking was not possible and anyway it was not what business required.

It is true the challenge of creating a reliable real time platform was not easy. It required and still does a level of understanding that few people have or were prepared to gain. The opportunities to provide ongoing continuous business benefits from Telematics require real time data. V-SOL software continues to evolve and adapt to the ever demanding requirements that our customers require. This only possible thanks to our unique communications engine.

Database Engine

Telematics systems are about information and lots of it. The real measure of a system lies in it's ability to provide timely and appropriate responses to users' requirements. V-SOL are proud to have database designers that others could only dream of. Our customers are constantly challenging us to further enhance the systems and we are happy to oblige. We have introduced several firsts in information presentation via our engine and are looking forward to introducing even more in the coming years.

User Interface

Our single minded objective has been to provide applications that are usable by anyone within two minutes. There should be little requirement for training and or manuals or help systems, hypertext or otherwise.

Our approach to user interfaces has also been different. Whilst our systems all work within the windows environment they however benefit from fresh thinking that MACINTOSH and IPOD users experience. To do this we have developed completely new tools. The results are that the applications we provide not only look different but deliver benefits that are clear to see for all. Our quest for improvement is ongoing and customer feedback provides us with new challenges that we will continue to rise to. An example of this is that we were providing touch screen user interfaces over 10 years ago and have been enhancing this facility regularly to keep pace with new tecnology innovations.

"truly unusual, making simple of that considered complex"

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