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GPS Vehicle Trackers

GPS Vehicle trackers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact some companies even market pda's as vehicle trackers.   The key to purchasing a vehicle tracker is to recognise that the device should be designed exactly for that "tracking vehicles" and not anything else. 

V-SOL are a designer and manufacturer of vehicle trackers  - nothing else. 

There is a huge difference between generic vehicle trackers and V-SOL's custom designed vehicle trackers.   

The most important three things to bear in mind when sourcing a vehicle tracker is

1. Where do they come from?

Nearly all equipment sold today as vehicle trackers are in fact foreign copies of OEM equipment.  Most come from China.  There are literally hundreds of small factories making these units for a short time and then moving on to another device.  If you are intending to use vehicle trackers in your business to help run the business you should steer away from this type of equipment at al costs.

There are in fact very few companies capable of designing vehicle trackers in house from the ground up.  V-SOL are such a company. we started in 1996 and were the first company in the world to offer uk and European real time tracking using gps and gsm. 

2. Does the supplier who is selling them actually have any control over the hardware and what's inside it ?

Is the company that are offering you vehicle trackers able to influence what happens inside the box itself?  Steer away from dealers who are offering the service on behalf of another company unless you can be sure that in the event of any issues you can deal with the company direct.  More than 80% of all of the dealers who started offering these services in the last three years are no longer around and the trackers they sold are off no use. 

3. How long has the actual equipment you are being offered been made for?

Vehicle trackers are complex devices and should last for at least five years.   Check out whether your supplier has been around that long and if they can prove that they have customers who have been using the actual trackers they are offering you for at least two years.  Do not be persuaded to buy the new version unless they can show that the old one was proven and is still working for the customers that purchased them.  Often suppliers throw away thousands of devices for new ones because the old hardware did not do the job.  In this case why should the new one be any better?

V-SOL have been supplying vehicle trackers longer than any other company in the uk and we have customers who have vehicle trackers more than 12 years old that are still in use today.

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