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Real time Vehicle Tracking

V-SOL - Real Time Vehicle Tracking System for Commercial and Fleet Vehicle Managment.

If a business uses vehicles to carry out it’s day to day operations it is likely that there are times when if you had better visibility about what is or had been happening you could make changes that would make a positive difference to the overall performance of the business. Timely accurate information from a GPS vehicle tracking system such as who is the closest? How many miles have we covered to do this work? Where is a specific vehicle right now? What time did we get to a customer?

These are just a few examples of the sort of questions that an effective real time vehicle tracking system should be able to answer quickly and easily. Our live GPS vehicle tracking systems and flexible tailorable historical reporting can provide you with these answers and much more.

Would you like to see an example of how V-SOL commercial and fleet gps vehicle tracking systems can benefit your business?
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Find out how V-SOL vehicle tracking systems can benefit your business?

Today more than ever being able to ensure that the business is operating efficiently and progressively is an ongoing management challenge. Your customers/suppliers/compliance requirements and expectations are growing, increasing your need for accurate and timely information regarding your vehicle fleet operations. V-Sol systems provide you with the information necessary for such purposes using the fastest possible communication with your vehicles, up to date mapping, access to graphical historic information, route planning , written reports, along with communications and safety options. This information can be used by operational managers, drivers and even customers via secure and simple to access interfaces as required by your own business requirements.
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Find out how a V-SOL GPS tracking system works?

Vehicle tracking and location systems (AVL telematics) have evolved over the last 15 years to become an essential tool for businesses with vehicle fleets and mobile workforce. Almost all of these commercial systems utilise GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.
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