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Why Choose Vehicle Tracking from V-SOL?

When making a decision on a supplier we evaluate them to be sure they are right for us. We invite you to do the same as in our opinion best business is done when customer and supplier have like minded objectives and values.

Proud of our credentials.

V-SOL have been supplying live real time GPS vehicle tracking longer than any other company in the UK. We have the highest productivity in our industry and our experience in what we do is second to none. The industry acknowledges our abilities to do what we say. Our products are built to last whereas competitors often replace equipment yearly and still cannot match V-SOL for robustness and reliability. Vehicle tracking thats built to last

Long term gps tracking systems When it comes to long term value V-SOL cannot be beaten, we were the first to use live data for faster operation, lower running costs and to provide low cost text messaging. V-SOL are the only company in the industry to provide a full range of communications options including a new super efficient form of GPRS/INTERNET communications. We also have our own wireless base station technology for those who wish absolute security such as The Ministry of Defence which can be used in parallel with internet communications or as a backup should internet fail to deliver. With our real time links you can almost drive the vehicles remotely!

Our customers choose V-SOL because:

  • Easy to use
  • Long term value
  • Honest approach
  • Product knowledge
  • Understanding of their requirements
  • The people at V-SOL
simple and effective vehicle tracking

"Saying what we do... doing what we say!"

"Our business objectives and quality policy support us in delivering on our promises. If you would like to know more about them or what we do please contact us."
David Isom, Founder

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